Black Star Square and Nearby Monuments

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The memorial "heart" of Accra is largely the legacy of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first president after independence. Accra's huge parade grounds accommodate 30,000 people and here you'll find the Eternal Flame of African Liberation, lit by Nkrumah himself.

Nkrumah had the square, and stadium across the street, built in 1961. Osu Castle, also known more simply as The Castle or sometimes as Christianborg Castle, is visible in the distance.

Across the street from Black Star Square is Independence Arch, another of Nkrumah's projects. Another of his ambitious undertakings in Accra was the nearby State House where all official, presidential functions take place. Across the street from State House is the world class Accra International Conference Centre completed in 1995.

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    Also called Independence Square, on 28th February Rd., Accra.
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