The Arts Center

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Also known as the Centre for National Culture, this is Ghana's largest crafts market, and as such this could be your first - and perhaps only - stop for souvenirs.

(See Handicraft Shops in the Shopping section).

There are scores of stalls selling beads, wood carvings, brass work, leather goods, kente cloth and numerous items made from it, and much more. You'll find some crafts from neighbouring countries as well. Be sure to bargain for all your purchases (See Bargaining in Shopping section). The vendors here can be pushy!

Also check out the jewelry shops and the government-run craft shops at the entrance to the Centre, as they have fixed prices. They will help you to gauge how much you should be paying at the other stalls.

The Centre is also home to a drama theatre (see Entertainment section).


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    Located at the intersection of Barnes Rd and 28th February Rd., Accra.
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