No matter in which area you live, you will very likely suffer from water shortages at some point. Admittedly, some areas are much better than others, but this can vary from year to year. Even if you think you may have adequate storage tanks for water, city water can be cut for days and you may find yourself without water.

There are a number of private companies/independent contractors who buy water from the city and then resell it to residents. Ask your friends and neighbors who they use, or when you see the water trucks driving around town - they all have their names and phone numbers printed on the side – write down the number and keep it handy for when your time comes!

Once you have the name and phone number of a delivery driver/company, it is a painless, quick and relatively inexpensive procedure.


Water Supply. Now claiming central distribution number for all of Accra or check website.
Water truck delivery for your water tank.
Water truck delivery for your water tank. Delivers to all parts of Accra.     
Water truck delivery for your water tank. Delivers to Cantonment, Labone, Osu, Airport Residential.  
Drinking water. Will deliver 20L bottles of water to your home (to use with dispenser that…