Nzulezo - stilt village

A village on stilts. If possible, make your trip during the rainy season when the lake is at its fullest, but avoid Thursday, the village's sacred day.

There are two routes to reach Beyin, from which you take a canoe ride to Nzulezo. The first is to travel west and look for the sign for Beyin approximately 90km west of Takoradi. Follow the dirt road for 20km to Beyin, which is not sign-posted, so confirm you've arrived in the right village.

Fort Appollonia is located in Beyin; ask there for Mr. Mensah, the fort caretaker. He can arrange the canoe ride. Allow at least three hours for the trip including the canoe ride. Take plenty of water and sunscreen/hats as you are on open water for the entire trip.

The other route to Beyin is to travel further west on the road to Cote d'Ivoire in the direction of Elubo. Take the Half Assini turnoff and follow the paved road 17.8 km to Tikoboi. At Tikoboi, you must turn left and follow the dirt road which parallels the ocean for 17.7km to Beyin. Confirm that you have arrived in Beyin by asking the residents; there are no village signposts.

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